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The Least that I can do…
To the poor, the widows, the orphans, the Lord Almighty has sent us. To share His Love, His gifts, His compassion, Our Father has called us. This past summer, through your financial support and prayers, the Lord opened up an opportunity for me to be His hands and feet […]


The experience was so surreal, like something I had seen in a movie or read in a book
To say my time in Uganda was intense would be an understatement. After a week in Kampala, we traveled to northern Uganda to the Gulu district for a week of medical and dental clinics. By day two, not […]


Arut is a beacon of hope
Often times we expect to experience the road previously travelled in the same way. This was my expectation of my trip with Adonai Partners to Uganda this summer, after having gone on several mission trips in my teens. Yet, my experience was different. The people we met and the […]


A village still suffering from the effects of war
This dear boy is one of the several hundred children I had the privilege to minister to in the village of Dino. Dino is a village that is still suffering from the affects of the war. I will never forget Dino, the people there, the intense […]


We saw genuine needs on the ground
I have been involved with Adonai Partners from its inception. Although I don’t always go on every trip, I participate in other ways. As you know, the trip doesn’t start on the day team members board the plane and fly out to Africa; it starts many months prior […]


Serving the people that Jesus cares so much about
As I think of the awesome things God did in Africa through Adonai Partners this summer, I remember the many people who made this happen. There are friends, colleagues and family members who prayed for and encouraged team members. There are those who gave financially – […]


I will incredibly miss my life here in Uganda…
Since July, when I left the States, I’ve only missed home a couple times. I know that when I return to the states I will miss Uganda much more then I missed the States when I came to Uganda. I know that it will be hard to […]


Out of my comfort zone…
Since 2010, my wife Mary and I, with our daughter Winnie, have been working among the unreached people of Agni in north east Côte d’Ivoire. So coming to northern Togo for the mission trip this July was a huge challenge, especially since we are just starting our work in Côte d’Ivoire […]


A great opportunity to serve my own people
I am amazed that people who live in as far away as USA, Nigeria and other African countries, can travel to remote places like Nadoba, Kpadjenta, Chikara, Pimini, in northern Togo in order to provide free medical treatment and minister God’s love to others. Because Adonai Partners […]


Fulfilling my destiny
If I lived for a 100 years without impacting any life, those years would be wasted. If I refuse God’s calling on my life, I cannot imagine what my life will become. This is why I give God all the glory for the families, friends and partners whom He used to make my […]