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This trip was actually for me…
This trip was a much unexpected one. Half of the stuff I experienced, I wasn’t ready for. Even though I knew that I would leave my comfort zone and suffer some inconvenience, I actually had to have a rude awakening in order to really realize that when I arrived. I didn’t think that […]


An experience of a lifetime…
My mission trip to Togo was a trip filled with remarkable experiences. The conditions were different, like sleeping under the tree at night, taking a bath with bucket, not having running water and electricity, yet it was very fun-filled and fulfilling.

The trip took us to Lomé, Dapaong, Nadoba, Chikira, Kpadjenta, […]


Iron Sharpens Plastic
It was like iron sharpens iron and iron sharpens plastic! Ok so iron cannot sharpen plastic. The point being that it was for me an opportunity and experience of spiritual growth. The team consisted of individuals from different backgrounds and levels of spiritual maturity. But all of us were challenged; I believe […]