A great opportunity to serve my own people

I am amazed that people who live in as far away as USA, Nigeria and other African countries, can travel to remote places like Nadoba, Kpadjenta, Chikara, Pimini, in northern Togo in order to provide free medical treatment and minister God’s love to others. Because Adonai Partners members are doing this, I truly consider it a great opportunity to work with Adonai in serving my own people. I am happy to say that this is my second mission outreach with Adonai Partners here in northern Togo.

I have seen that there is a great need for the kind of services that Adonai team members are bringing into these remote villages. It is my prayer and encouragement that we should continue to provide these humanitarian, life transforming, and community development services. In most cases, this is the only opportunity for majority of the people to see a good doctor at least once in a year. For some it is the first time in their lifetime to see a doctor. It is also my prayer that as our Lord provides, Adonai Partners will do more.

A great majority of the people in these villages continue to suffer from these diseases because they do not have any means of going to a hospital. Medical facilities are always very far from the people in these villages. In the past two years, I have seen many types of medical cases that we do not normally see any more in the towns. For some of these illnesses, the people believe that their diseases are a curse or that they are suffering from a charm put on them by the spirit of their ancestors.

This year, I saw different types of diseases, the most common being malaria, and bronchitis. Other problems common with the children in the villages are malnutrition and arthritis.

I will once again plead with members of Adonai Partners and all their supporters, to continue this humanitarian and life transforming work in northern Togo. Majority of the people we served would not have seen a doctor for many years if Adonai Partners didn’t bring these services to them. I am convinced that this is a practical way of demonstrating God’s love and compassion. I will always make myself available to serve with Adonai team members as long as possible.