This trip was actually for me…

This trip was a much unexpected one. Half of the stuff I experienced, I wasn’t ready for. Even though I knew that I would leave my comfort zone and suffer some inconvenience, I actually had to have a rude awakening in order to really realize that when I arrived. I didn’t think that I would have to use a bucket to take a shower, have to wear sneakers when I need to walk to the bathroom or use a flashlight everywhere I went once the sun went down. Now if I was reading about this before I signed up, I would have been really discouraged almost to the point of not going. Good thing I didn’t. I’m very glad that I got to go on this mission trip.

I worked mainly with the children. We got to do a lot for them and with them. I got to cook for them, teach them how to brush their teeth, we taught them stories from the Bible, and played a lot of games. Little or unexpected things really made the kids happy like giving them candy or taking them for a ride in the van we came with. These people don’t get to enjoy candy and basically all of them haven’t stepped foot in a car. It was really special to see their smiles and hear their voices when they sang and danced. At Boukoumbé, we even got to treat a few children who had some bad cuts and sores. Our focus was on the children because we want to influence the younger generation since they are the future leaders of the communities and even the nation. The children were very appreciative for everything we did and always listened to whatever we said.

Apart from the children’s ministry, we had prayer walks, pastors’ conferences, and a medical outreach in two communities in northern Togo and Benin. We were constantly interceding for the people and for the message that we gave them. Our prayer was that God will nurture the seed that we planted in their lives. At the pastors’ conferences, we encouraged the local pastors to continue what we came to do so that when we eventually left the Word will thrive and bear much fruit for the transformation of their communities.

Lastly we gave everyone who attended, medical care and some medicine for them to take home. Everyone helped out and no one stood idle. Through the medical outreach we got to minister to the people by sharing a word or two about salvation. We showed the Jesus film in the peoples’ language which they were really thankful for. In all, I think we were really successful in everything we did.

Now I know this sounds kind of conceited but this trip was actually for me. Now let me explain. I know that God wanted me to be a blessing to the children and the people I encounter on the trip however I think the primary reason was totally different. I believe that God sent me on this trip to be impacted instead of impacting. He taught me a lesson of thankfulness. There are a lot of things that I used to take for granted that I learned to be thankful for on this trip. Important things like electricity and clean water. I just thank God for everything that He has done for me on this trip. The people we met did not choose to be where they are. They were born into a life of poverty and without the gospel and it’s our job to share God’s love with them. I came to the realization that life is unpredictable and you never know what kind of obstacles life will throw at you. These people live in poverty and go through struggles everyday but we are so oblivious to that because we live in luxury. We need to let God use us to encourage these people and lend a helping hand to get them in their struggles.

I thank everyone who supported me both financially and in prayer. God used you to make a difference in Africa by sending me. I hope that God will continue to use me and others so that we can make a difference in Togo and many more countries.