Maintaining a strong missionary advocacy program has remained one of our priorities in Adonai Partners because we believe this will enable us to more effectively mobilize informed prayer support for missionaries and their work. Five years ago, we created a database of missionaries working in different fields across Africa. The goal is to connect missionaries on the ground with Christian families in the West who may be willing to communicate with them. We desire to build strong relationships rooted in the love of Christ and a shared vision of winning Unreached Peoples to Christ. Currently, we are updating the information we have in our database. Kindly complete the form by clicking on the Missionary Database button.

Please understand that it would be unreasonable for us to make any promises to you or anyone else regarding financial support from the families we share this information with or from Adonai Partners. That is not the goal of the Advocacy program. Due to the large number of missionaries we are in contact with across Africa, it is impossible for us to respond to every financial need. We trust, however, that as people pray and get to know the work you do, the Lord may lead them to help financially. Therefore please pray for us to be effective in our efforts.

Please click here to go to the form or click on the Missionary Database button on the right.

Thank you and may our gracious Lord strengthen you for His work.