Adonai Partners is committed to actively serving vulnerable communities in Africa by sharing the Gospel and responding to human need in a holistic manner as commanded in Isaiah 58:7. To accomplish this vision, we must increase our capacity to serve effectively through discipleship programs, increasing administrative support, and increasing resources for operations. Our goal is to raise $87,000 to meet these needs. Without solid administrative support and strong organizational systems we cannot have sustained exceptional programs. Increasing the impact of Adonai Partners’ work requires increased funding for essential operational and the administrative functions. Here’s where you can stand with us.



Equipping Women for Thriving Families – $100

Through the House of Esther, Adonai Partners seeks to address the problem of poverty and malnutrition among women by equipping rural women to increase their incomes through training in agriculture, skill training and nutrition. Your support of $100 will help us implement this training program for small farmers in the countries we serve in. Follow this link to donate today.



YoungLIFE – $125

Provide agricultural training and farm input for our field mission volunteers as we build a base for discipleship training for first generation believers. Follow this link to donate today.

Impact Trips – $250

Inspired to be a Sender? You can make a one time support for team member who needs support to be part of our impact trips bringing medical, dental care and together with the Gospel to neglected communities. Follow this link to donate today.


Administrative Support – $115

Adonai Partners is looking for funding to cover the costs of a paid staff in the U.S. whose primary responsibility will be fundraising, volunteer coordinator, communication and accounting. Give $115 towards one day of administrative support staff cost. Follow this link to donate today.

Our goal is big, but with your support you can help us increase our impact and become more effective. With your help, we are Doing Good Together!

Follow this link to donate today or mail your support to the address below.