Adonai Partners is committed to the privacy of our team members’ personal information. We do not share information you give to us with third parties. After submitting your online application, please mail a check for US $100 for the non-refundable application fee to the address below. You can also click on the Donate button at the top to pay this amount through our secure online donation service. Please note that your application will not be processed until we receive this administrative fee.

Adonai Partners is committed to the safety of our team members. Leaders of Adonai Partners, Inc. have been taking teams to Africa on short term mission trips since 1998 without any accident or loss.  We give all the glory to God for this. Prospective team members should understand, however, that as with every travel overseas, there are inherent risks and challenges in participating in any short-term mission trips. Therefore it is important to take necessary care for your personal safety and the safety of other team members.  Similarly take necessary steps to safeguard your valuables. Team members, leaders and other volunteers serve with faith in God’s power to protect us during the trip; and we have found Him to be faithful!

Please be aware that the mission trip experience may entail physical activities that you may not be used to. Team activities during the mission trip are often done in groups, and all team members are expected to participate fully as directed by team leaders. Therefore, you are encouraged to bring any health or physical concerns that you have to their attention promptly. In completing this application, you release Adonai Partners, our leadership, employees, volunteers and agents from any liability whatsoever arising from injury, illness, damage or loss which you may sustained during the course of your involvement in the mission trip. You agree that in the case of a medical emergency, we will obtain and provide such medical treatment, anesthetics, operations or other medical advice or services as deemed necessary in the opinion of the attending medical personnel.

As a Christian organization, Adonai Partners expects team members to honor our Lord through consistent Christian conduct during the trip.  As we seek to serve the Lord by serving those He has sent us to, we endeavor to model Christ before them. Team members are expected to adhere to all guidance from the Team Leaders and follow all directions in the interest of team safety and effectiveness. Continuous disruptive behavior, which could affect the experience or compromise the safety of other team members, is unacceptable and may result in such individual being advised to return home at their own expense.

Travel dates, schedules and host countries are subject to change.  In the event that a trip is cancelled, Adonai Partners will assign team members to a future trip.  If an individual is unable to participate in the trip or unable to raise the full amount for the trip, funds raised will be credited to a subsequent trip if the team member had raised up to half of the required amount prior to trip commencement, otherwise the amount raised will go towards project needs.

Team members are required to attend all team meetings, including training sessions and debriefing. In applying to be on the team, you confirm your agreement to the use of your name, image and photos in the promotional materials of Adonai Partners.  Your name, image or photo will not be used for any commercial purpose.

We’re truly grateful for the opportunity to have you as part of the team and are looking forward to a very fulfilling experience for you and the rest of the team. Together, we make a difference!