Adonai Partners is a non-profit mission and development organization dedicated to working with and through churches and missionaries to see church-planting movements begin among those least exposed to the good news. As a development organization, we seek to demonstrate the love of Jesus to families and vulnerable children, especially victims of HIV/AIDS and war, bringing hope through medical, educational, nutrition, and other community-based programs.

Inspired by our Christian values, we are committed to working with the most vulnerable people towards human transformation and serving all people in love regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. We exist to honor our Lord Jesus Christ by demonstrating His love to Unreached Peoples — those with the least opportunity of hearing the good news in ways they can most easily understand and respond to.

Our vision is for people from every ethne* to come into and grow in a radiant relationship with our loving Lord Jesus Christ, and for every child to reach their full potential. We seek to honor Jesus by taking His love to people in Africa with the least opportunity to hear and understand the gospel, and demonstrate His compassion to vulnerable children in a holistic manner.

*nation, people group