Adonai Partners is committed to the safety of its team members. We give glory to God that there has been no accident in all the years that Adonai Partners has been taking teams to Africa on short term mission trips. Team members should understand, however, that as with every travel overseas, there are risks inherent in participating in short-term mission trip to Africa. Such risks range from the effect of adverse weather conditions to illness, accident or injury; and the lack of desirable medical care on site in ministry location could exacerbate a minor situation. Team members, leaders and other volunteers serve with faith in God’s power to protect us during the trip and always. The mission trip experience could entail intense physical activities including continuous standing or walking that require good physical condition. Team members should be aware that activities during the mission trip are often done in groups, and that all team members are expected to participate fully as directed by the Team Leader. Team members are encouraged to bring any concerns they have to the attention of the Team Leader promptly.

Adonai Partners is committed to the privacy of its team members. None of the personal information you provide to us will be passed on to third parties. If you have any concerns, please contact the Team Leader promptly. Team members agree to the use of their name and photos in written, audio, video or other digital materials for the promotion of the work of Adonai Partners. Adonai Partners affirms that these materials will be used only for ministry purposes.

By completing and submitting the online application, team members release Adonai Partners, its leadership and volunteers from any liability arising out of any injury, damage or loss during the course of their involvement in the mission trip.

Also, in the case of an emergency, you hereby authorize Adonai Partners to obtain and provide such medical advice and services as deemed necessary by the Team Leader. You agree to the performance of such treatment, including anesthesia and surgery, as determined by the attending physician or health care professional. You accept responsibility for all medical costs that may exceed the coverage provided by your health care plan.