Adonai Partners is committed to working with missionaries serving among Unreached Peoples in Africa. We mobilize support for them. We are a voice for Unreached People in Africa calling the Body of Jesus Christ to action in winning them to the Lord. As a mission agency, our focus is on church planting among Africa’s remaining Unreached Peoples, working with partners on the ground to establish and strengthen communities of believers among them.

Adonai Partners provides an opportunity for you to participate in caring for missionaries. We can connect you with a missionary family with whom you will have an opportunity to share in their work and reward. There is an urgent need to pray for missionaries, especially those serving in difficult locations. As a part of their vital prayer and support base, you will share in the joy of seeing the awesome things God is doing through your prayers and partnership with these precious servants of our God.  Together we can make a lasting impact on the field.

Here are some practical tips on ways you can be a good missionary advocate:

  • Get to know your Missionary, building your relationships that honor Jesus with a desire to see His Kingdom grow among Unreached Peoples;
  • Engage in mutual prayer support – missionaries want to pray for you too!
  • Look for opportunities for encouragement – write letters, send birthday, anniversary or Christmas cards;
  • Share information on your missionary’s work with other believers;
  • Be sensitive to the security situation in the country where your missionary is serving;
  • Send support and gifts as God prompts and enables you;
  • If possible, visit your missionary to see things for yourself.

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