africa_mapAdonai Partners, Inc. is a network of professionals working together without boundaries to serve people in Africa by responding with compassion and in a holistic manner to meet their spiritual, emotional, physical, and educational needs. As a non-profit mission and development organization, we are dedicated to helping the less fortunate, especially vulnerable Children in Africa. Established with the conviction that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, we have been taking teams to Africa for over 10 years. Many of those we have helped are able to get back on their feet and start their lives with joy.

Here are some of the places where we serve:

Uganda Country Profile on BBC

For twenty years, the rebel group LRA in northern Uganda abducted children and used them as a weapon of war against their own families and the government. Uganda’s population is estimated to be 28.5 million but there are over 2.3 million Children who are orphans. According to government reports, orphans make up 13% of all children under 18 years old and 7% of the total country population. Although the rate of new HIV/AIDS infections has fallen significantly and the war is over, the conditions of children has hardly improved. Children are the most affected victims in most social unrest. Yet, not much intervention is directed at addressing the needs of these children. The combination of HIV/AIDS and the civil war has had a devastating impact on the Children of Gulu in northern Uganda.


In Adonai Partners, we see ministry to children as strategic to taking God’s love to a hurting world. Jesus said,

“Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children.” [Luke 18: 16 NLT].

In the past three summers, teams from Adonai Partners have ministered to vulnerable children in Gulu. We conduct medical outreaches and feed hundreds of vulnerable children in the settlements occupied by people displaced by the 20 years war. Although the memories from our mission trip will fade, the faces of the Children we served remain etched deep in our hearts. The trauma of the war is still very evident in the lives of the children we served. It was clear to us that a more sustained and ongoing intervention is needed to bring wholeness to them.

Therefore, Adonai Partners is committed to establishing a center to provide an effective response that will heal these wounds and nurture the children to reach their full potential. The goal of the center is holistic: meeting the emotional, spiritual, health and educational needs of Children in Gulu. We seek to honor our Lord Jesus by demonstrating His compassion to the “Least of these”. The Center will be a place where the Acholi kids will have an opportunity to be kids again!

Pray for wisdom as we undertake this project – the Adonai Children Center, Gulu. We invite you to invest in the health, education and spiritual nurture of these children so loved by God. Your support for this project will give hope to Uganda’s future leaders.

Are you willing to support Adonai Children Center, Gulu? Please contact us.

Sudan Country Profile on BBC

With an area of 2.5 million sq. km., Sudan is the largest country in Africa and almost the size of continental U.S. east of the Mississippi River. It is surrounded by nine African countries, a fact that underlines its strategic significance in Africa. Sudan’s population of 39.4 million is the most diverse of any country in Africa. There are two distinct major cultures – Arab and Sub-Saharan African – with hundreds of ethnic and tribal language groups. This makes effective collaboration among them almost impossible. This is one reason the country has been mostly embroiled in conflict since independence in 1956. Sudan is also strategic to taking God’s love to the Arab world.

For more than 20 years, Sudan went through a painful war. Over 2 million people were killed by the war that ended in 2005 when the peace agreement was signed. The effects of that conflict and the ongoing crisis in Darfur, displacement and insecurity continue. About 4 million people from south and west Sudan are displaced. This has been described as the world’s largest population of internally displaced people (IDPs). Try to imagine what life is like in the IDPs where Children were born and have lived all their life!


The historic peace agreement of 2005 established a new Government of National Unity and the interim Government of Southern Sudan. The agreement called for wealth and power sharing, and security arrangements between the two parties. The agreement also stipulates that by the end of the six-year interim period, there will be a referendum to decide whether Southern Sudan should remain a part of the country or not. This gives a window of opportunity to strengthen the Body of Christ in the north and look for opportunities to show the love of Jesus to the poor and suffering while the door remains open.

Against this background, Adonai Partners continues to make a difference in northern Sudan. In one of the meetings we had, attended by about 300 pastors and Christian leaders, we saw a confirmation that God is indeed at work in Sudan despite the bleak conditions in the country. As we encouraged the Body of Christ and challenged them to take the love of Christ to the Arabs, the Holy Spirit came down and convicted many. There was a great move of God, and many cried and broke down before the Lord. God continues to move in Sudan and has opened the doors for us to work with national believers in building His Kingdom, please join us in equipping the Sudanese Church for the harvest despite the insurmountable challenges they face.

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Togo Country Profile on BBC

Togo is a small West African country wedged between Ghana on its west and the Republic of Bénin to the east. Though the country has witnessed a rapid growth in Christianity in recent years, it still has one of the highest percentages of unevangelized traditionalists in Africa. According to the latest edition of Operation World, a global research and prayer tool published by Patrick Johnstone, half of the 6.8 million people in Togo are reported to be Christians. Despite such a large percentage of believers, there are still many ethnic peoples and Muslims who are waiting to hear of the love of Jesus for the first time. Togo has over 78 ethnic groups in two major language families, Kwa and Gur. Eight of the country’s people groups are listed by the Joshua Project as Least Reached, i.e. people with little or no Christian presence, and the least opportunity to hear the gospel in a way they can easily understand and accept.


Adonai Partners believe the time has come to mobilize the Church in Togo to reach out in love to the remaining Unreached People in the country. With this conviction, we work with key leaders in the capital Lomé to pray and consider how they can engage the remaining Unreached People groups in Togo. We see the urgent challenges facing the Church in Togo. Leaders for the young churches are few, and training facilities are very limited. In the north they are non-existent. There are few Christian workers focused on evangelism among those who have not already heard. There is a large population of traditionalists opposed to the gospel. The lack of vision for pioneering efforts in evangelizing Unreached Peoples as well as disunity among church denominations is also a major barrier. There are evidently spiritual strongholds and traditions that hinder church planting efforts. These challenges call for urgent prayers.

Our Short-Term missions provide us an opportunity to encourage, train and equip local pastors and missionaries serving especially in northern Togo. We also hold medical outreaches to help rural Tamberma people in Nantagou. There is a clear demonstration of God’s power as people turn from their idols and yield to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We praise God for those He called to be part of the team and the friends and family members who support us. You make it possible for us to make a difference in Togo!

If you would like to the support our work in Togo, please contact us.

Bénin Country Profile on BBC

Almost half of the Republic of Bénin’s 8.8 million people are under 15 years old. Latest population figures show that Evangelicals are barely 2.2% of the population; Muslims are 24.4% while 17.3% identify themselves as voodoo worshipers. The major people groups in Bénin are the Fon (39.2%), Adja (15.2%), Yoruba (12.3%), Bariba (9.2%). Other prominent groups are Peulh, Ottamari, Yoa-Lokpa and Dendi. Going back to its root as the Kingdom of Dahomey, Bénin has been a major centre for voodoo worship. Today voodoo is trapping thousands of people into poverty and causing some families to give up their children into slavery or child labor. People see voodoo worship as an important connection to their land, culture and ancestors though they can hardly afford the expensive ceremonies.


A major challenge facing Bénin, as other French speaking countries in Africa, is the lack of missionaries committed to taking God’s love to the remaining Unreached People Groups. Unreached People Groups are tribes or other cultural people with the least opportunity to hear the gospel in a way they can easily understand without cultural barriers. A few agencies are already seeking to address this need and Adonai Partners are excited at the opportunity to partner with some of them. We consider it a priority to support the training of workers urgently needed. In partnership with Agape Missions and CAPRO, we organize conferences to encourage, equip and envision local pastors, especially those serving in rural and northern Bénin. We also provide ongoing support for the training of nationals.

Given the country’s voodoo background, Adonai Partners is committed to equipping local pastors to break its stronghold. Our conferences offer an opportunity to challenge Church leaders to take a strong stand against voodoo practices that have been undermining the effectiveness of the gospel in Bénin.

Are you willing to support the training of nationals in Bénin? Please contact us.

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