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Where We Work

We exist to honor our Lord Jesus Christ by demonstrating His love to and Unreached People — those with the least opportunity of hearing the Good News in ways they can most easily understand and respond to. We work with, and through churches and missionaries to see church planting movements begin in places where a vibrant expression of the Body of Christ does not yet exist.


As a development organization, we seek to demonstrate the love of Jesus to families and vulnerable children, especially people affected by disease and extreme poverty - bringing hope through our medical, educational, nutrition and other community based programs.

God's Word challenges us to put our faith into action by going into all the world and proclaiming His truth and life-saving message. The harvest is ready, but the need for workers is greater than ever. Adonai Partners provides you with an opportunity to do what you’ve always wanted to do, impact lives meaningfully. Read on to see the countries where we work.

1Togo Medical Team.jpg


A great introduction to Africa, Togo is one of the smallest countries on the continent. It is a center for trade and regional commerce, sharing borders with Benin, Ghana, and Burkina Faso. Togo boasts a population of peaceful and friendly people. But much of northern Togo is characterized by poor quality-of-life and little access to the Gospel. There are 56 different people groups in the country, including many that are still unreached. Besides limited access to the Gospel, the Togolese people have very little medical care — just four doctors for every 100,000 people. Since 2007, Adonai Partners has been taking teams to Togo to share the Gospel and minister to the needs of the Tamberma and Gourmantché people.



AKWAABA! It’s an expression you will hear several times as you travel around Ghana, one that will brings memories long after your trip is over. With its charms of tropical beaches, a fascinating historical heritage, and vibrant cultural identity, Ghana stands out. Against the prevailing narrative of failure, famine and conflict across Africa, Ghana has proved to be different as a stable and democratic country. Poverty has declined in Ghana, but it remains pervasive in the northern regions. To those who are missions minded, Ghana presents an opportunity to spread the word of God. Though a majority Christian nation, 17 percent of the 111 people groups in the country are still unreached. One of these are the Anufo people among whom Adonai Partners has been working since 2016.

3Koto Leader.JPG


Nigeria is known to be a juxtaposition of extremes. Here you will find wealthy and modern neighborhoods, shantytowns and rural villages, and everything in between. Nigeria is a country that was cobbled together awkwardly by the British, combining a variety of over 500 languages, tribes, and traditions in a manner that, while often leading to conflict, created a loud, pulsating, colorful and vibrant society. Nigeria boasts of a growing middle class, a very unique art scene, and the biggest economy in Africa with a population of 203.45 million. Despite this, poverty in the country remains significant – over a third of the population struggle to make ends meet.

From our earliest beginning, Adonai Partners has been working in Nigeria. For years we took teams to Nigeria’s northeast, seeking to demonstrate God’s love to the unreached Kanuri people. However, when our ministry location became unsafe we pulled out and began an entirely new work among the unreached Egbura Koto where we have continued to carry out multiple medical and children outreaches. Missions in Nigeria will give you the opportunity to share the authentic Gospel and see lives transformed by its power.



Uganda has been described as the Pearl of Africa, a nation that captivates you by its beauty and overwhelms you by the friendliness of its people. It has been said that travelling to Uganda is a lifetime experience. It is a safe and small country with beautiful weather, fantastic scenery, and hospitable locals. Uganda is a country rich in resources, but struggling with intense poverty - more than a third of the population lives on less than $1.25 a day. Missions in Uganda will give you the opportunity to work alongside national partners to build God’s kingdom and share God’s love. Adonai Partners has been taking teams to Uganda since our beginning and here is where we have our largest program including the Adonai School in Arut.

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