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The Adonai Code

We’ve seen miracles of God’s love, power and grace each year Adonai Partners has taken teams on Short Term Mission Trips to Africa. We see mission trips as a discipleship opportunity for every oneof our team members. We believe mission trips are an opportunity for people to grow in their faith, to be an instrument of God’s blessings to others and to view the character of God from a fresh perspective. It is our hope that all team members (regardless of personal beliefs) will grow in their understanding of what a personal relationship with Jesus Christ looks like. This is highlighted by opportunities to pray, worship, encourage, listen, and serve God and the people we will encounter both in our team and on the mission field.

We believe mission trips are a privilege for all who participate, and there is an expectation that team members will conduct themselves with the highest standards of integrity, Biblical morality and personal conduct that portrays authentic Christianity, love, and respect. How we dress, speak, and interact with others – both team members and those we encounter and serve on the field - are all an important part of our testimony and reputation as an organization.

Therefore team members must strive in every way, with reliance upon the Holy Spirit, to maintain a heart attitude and behavior that is Christ-like. While, this statement should serve as the chief directive for all behavior, these specific guidelines are intended to keep team members safe, foster a positive learning and worship experience for all of us, and assure that our team is effective in our mission.

Regardless of where you are on your journey of faith, as a member of the Adonai Partners Team, you are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

Behavior and Witness

It is a privilege and honor to serve the Lord and the people He cares so deeply about around the world. Adonai Partners has a high expectation of what God will do in us and through us during the mission trip. This is not a vacation to an exotic location. As a team member, you are volunteering to be the hands and feet of Jesus touching a world in need. Before, during and after the mission trip you are representing our Lord Jesus Christ as well as Adonai Partners and our partner organizations and missionaries. Therefore, we expect you to maintain a high standard of behavior. Let your behavior and actions with respect to clothing, eating, drinking as well as discussions and other activities reflect positively on the image of Christ. Inappropriate, revealing or provocative dressing should be avoided. Dress modestly at all times and be sensitive to cultural expectations for Christians and missionaries in the host country. Team members must not dress in any way that calls attention to self and distracts from ministry goals. Your outward appearance should reflect the character of Christ; otherwise it could jeopardize our ministry’s effectiveness and team focus. When in doubt ask another team member or wear something else!

The use of any illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages or tobacco is prohibited during the trip. Such behaviors as well as any criminal activities including stealing, vandalism or repeated disruptive incidents, divisiveness or immorality may be grounds for immediate expulsion from the team at your own expense. Abstain from making derogatory comments about any team member, the host country or getting involved in arguments regarding politics, religion or race as these could undermine team cohesion.

Group Attitude

As an Adonai team member, embrace an attitude of a servant in dealing with fellow team members and the people you meet on the trip. Honor and treat everyone with love and respect. Have a willingness to work through any conflict and disputes that may arise with a kind and loving attitude, and be open to asking for and giving forgiveness. Be willing to ask for help when needed, and to offer help to others when they are in need. Speak the truth, but in love. Be positive. Never be critical of the host country or the missionaries. Also, refrain from using obscene language or insensitive humor during this trip. Intentionally seek to be a witness for Jesus in word and deed. (Philippians 4:8).

Team members are expected to work diligently in whatever task assigned to them. Understand that mission trips can be difficult, and require a flexible attitude, as plans may need to be changed. Cultural shock can make anyone critical! Being tired can make us hypercritical.

Take precautions so that you don’t become hypercritical. Complaining only makes many more people unhappy.

Unity and Attendance

Team unity is essential for our witness. Interact with all members of your team, not just those members that you knew before your trip. In order to foster an environment that encourages team bonding and member interaction, avoid using headphones in team settings such as during devotionals and other team gatherings. Also, limit the use of cell phones and computer devices during team gatherings, unless these are part of team activities.

Attend all scheduled meetings and meet deadlines, both prior to departure and during the mission trip. If you are unable to attend, please contact your leadership prior to the meeting. Unexcused non-participation will not be permitted. Daily team worship is required for all team members. As such, treat devotional and reflection sessions as a special time, not an obligation; arrive on time and ready to participate. Exceptions may be given due to poor health or other extenuating circumstances.

Gifts and Commitments

Avoid making financial commitments or promises without prior discussion with your Team Leader. Similarly, refrain from giving gifts of any form without first consulting with your Team Leader. Although the intent of the giver is often good, the results don’t always predictable and could create an unwanted expectation or perpetuate an unhealthy atmosphere of dependency or obligation.

Sex and Gender Relations

Adonai Partners takes God’s offense at sin very seriously. We realize that the sexual issues and temptations faced while traveling can be alluring, even to the strongest of Christian leaders. We recognize that boundaries of accountability related to physical relationships are also weakened when we are away from our routine lifestyles. We wish to protect one another from unnecessary temptation and the manifold fleshly devices of the enemy. To do so, we have established guidelines concerning gender relations.

Refrain from being alone with a member of the opposite sex during the mission trip. Team members, other missionaries, or local nationals are not allowed to be alone in a room with a person of the opposite sex, unless they are married couples. Engaging in inappropriate behavior with team members is grounds for expulsion at the team members’ expense.

Refrain from intentionally seeking out romantic relationships with a team member, missionary, or local national during the course of the mission trip. Such intentional seeking can be a major distraction to the commitment you have made with mission participants. Rather focus that love, time and attention on those who need it in order to find Jesus. We are not saying relationships do not form. When they are formed and nurtured with God’s leading they can be beautiful but check your motives when going on the trip, and check them when such interest develops.

Excessive public display of affection is not permitted.

Team Leaders

Accept and submit to the leadership role and authority of our Team Leaders and understand that decisions of the chain of command are final. If you have any concerns, please address them with your Team Leaders promptly. Make sure the Team Leader or designated individuals know where you are at all times. For safety reasons, no team member is allowed to leave the group without permission.

In completing the online application, you agree to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with this Code of Conduct and that any violation may result in expulsion from the team. In the event of an expulsion, trip cost paid will not be refunded and you will be responsible for your transportation and return ticket home

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