Adonai Partners is an African-led network of professionals working together in a holistic manner. Our vision is to mobilize Africans, and others, to transform Africa for Christ. We seek to honor our Lord Jesus Christ by following His example in serving some of Africa's most vulnerable people - ministering to spirit, soul, mind and body! Your support enables us to proclaim the love of God by word and deed among the poor! Adonai Partners is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt mission and development organization committed to human transformation. Have you been thinking of doing more for God with your life? Are you interested in going on a short-term mission trip? Then click here



Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to mobilize Africans and others to transform Africa for Christ. mission is to honor our Lord Jesus Christ by taking His love to people who are most vulnerable and have the least opportunity of hearing the good news. We are committed to demonstrating His compassion to the poor and Unreached people in a holistic manner. We proclaim the message of Jesus by word and deeds of compassion!

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Here's our latest Prayer Newsletter. Please pray with us!
The theme of our recent team training in Maryland was Branded for Christ! Here team members listen to Rev. Samuel Odilatu's presentation on Surrender - our act of Worship. The goal of the training is for us to be inspired, connected and remained engaged in God's global purpose for the nations, long after the mission trip is over and for team members to find their place and be part of what God is doing through Adonai Partners.

A Community Comes Alive!

When we came to Arut, northern Uganda in the summer of 2010, we didn’t realize it was a former military base for the rebel group, LRA. What took us there was that there was no water, no school, no church, no health services or any sign of the government’s presence. One of the oldest men in the community shook my hand vigorously and said in a baritone voice “God has remembered Arut today!” Three years later they now have water, a school, church and hope! The community came alive at the first graduation celebration held by the Adonai Community School on Saturday. It was the first time anything like this has happened in the entire Paicho sub-county. The joy on the faces of the children, their parents and grandparents was infectious. They sang and danced with exuberance regardless of age. The speech by the local government representative, Peter Okot, was powerful and inspiring. The transformation taking place in Arut is worth every dollar we have spent there. I thanked God am alive to witness this! See more photos here.


Adonai Partners is a network of professionals committed to transforming Africa for Christ. What makes us different is that we're Africans providing solutions to some of Africa's intractable problems. Best of all, we provide opportunities for professionals to use their skills, experience, knowledge and abilities to serve the poor; ministering to the whole person - spirit, soul, mind and body! There’s a place for you here at Adonai whatever your skills. Follow this link to apply for our short term mission trips in 2014 today. If you would like to make a donation, please follow this link.

Testimonials from Team Members...

At the end of our short term mission trips, team members have an opportunity to reflect on the experience and share some of the intimate things God did in our lives and through us. To see some of what our team members said of the trip, follow this link Team Testimonials

Living with Significance

If you desire to make a difference that endures, you've found the right place. We invite you to partner with us to bring hope and transformation to Unreached people and vulnerable children. At Adonai Partners, you'll have an opportunity to get involved in touching the lives of people with the love of Jesus through our mission trips and ongoing projects on the ground. There are different ways you can be involved in what God is doing through Adonai Partners, living with significance and making an enduring impact.  You can PrayGive and/or Go. 

Missionary Advocacy
Being a strong voice for missionaries working among people who have no access to the message of Christ has remained one of our priorities in Adonai Partners. We are committed to supporting those who serve under very difficult conditions seeking to make Him known while at the same time we mobilize prayers and support for them. As part of our missionary advocacy program, we have a database of missionaries working in different fields across Africa. The goal of the program is to connect missionaries on the ground with Christian families in the West who may be willing to communicate with them. We aim to build strong relationships rooted in the love of Christ and a shared vision of winning Unreached Peoples to Christ. Is this something you want to be a part of? Let us know.
What Skills do you have?
Adonai Partners is committed to giving team members a unique opportunity to experience God's amazing love as we serve poor and unreached people in Africa. There are different ways you can be involved. Follow this link to find some volunteer opportunities.  For updates on what God is doing through Adonai Partners, visit us on  Facebook.

Prayer is a vital part of our work and the Prayer Link is an important tool to help you stay engaged in what God is doing through Adonai Partners. Everyone can pray! You can invest God's resources in your care for the transformation of lives. Please click here to make a secure online donation. Yougifts to Adonai Partners are tax-deductible.
Short Term Missions
... proclaiming the message of Christ by word and deed!
If you want to do something significant with your life, give it away! This summer you can do just that as you invest in the lives of others. You can be a part of our next short term mission team. The mission trips will give you an opportunity to follow in the example of Jesus - as we together serve some of Africa's most vulnerable people. If you are unable to go yourself, you can send - by praying for and financially support those who are going. You will experience the joy of seeing ordinary people doing extraordinary things for God. You will help in taking the message of hope to people half way across the globe and show them God's love in practical ways. Follow this link to support our 2014 mission trips.
Latest updates...
-  Our latest Prayer Link is here...God responds the prayer of His people!
-  Here's our latest mission update. The TV announcer got my attention this evening when he said “now we can put down  the gravy and focus on something more important” but I was here when I realized that ... continue here
-  Pray for the precious people of Kanuri. Eyeball each one of these presented here and pray for them!
-  Pray for an immediate end to the violence in South Sudan. Pray for peace.
-  We are in need of marketing and administrative interns, if you're interested please click here
-  Pray for the supply of funds we need for the construction of a new block of 4 classrooms at the Adonai Community School in Arut, Uganda.
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"Expect Great Things from God; Attempt Great Things for God"

 - William Carey, 1792

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